From light to heavy duty vehicles, industrial plants to railway and marine transport, NEOL provides no-SAPS alternatives for numerous applications.
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Commercial vehicles (CVL)

For the commercial vehicle segment (CVL), NEOL’s oils support medium and heavy-duty trucks, light commercial vehicles, specialty vehicles and buses.

Our CVL offerings not only provide economical benefits, but can help organisations hit their ESG and climate preservation targets.

Commercial vehicle users can enjoy a range of benefits from using NEOL:

  • Equipment life can increase by 2–4 times, resolving persistent issues such as particulate filter failures in CVL fleets, which cause significant downtime
  • Increased productivity parameters, for example allowing heavy trucks used in mines to transport more ore per shift
  • Vehicles’ useful life is extended, leading to cleaner, healthier engines and higher second-hand values
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Average fuel economy improvement
5 %
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Industrial (IND)

For industrial (IND) users, NEOL’s unique technology, paired with high-quality synthetic base oils, provides both an economical and environmentally friendly option for use in industrial plants – offering numerous advantages for industrial applications:

  • Significant extension of component life, as hydrogen wear is eliminated
  • Decreased equipment operating temperatures through friction reduction
  • Increased oil and grease service life, optimizing maintenance efforts
  • Reduced energy consumption due to minimized friction
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Significant extension of component life
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Power generation (PGL)

For users in the Power Generation (PGL) industry, our oils provide a number of benefits that ultimately lead to a reduction in the cost of generating energy:

  • Extended life of generators and their parts, reducing waste and the cost of replacements
  • Extended service intervals, with less maintenance time required
  • Increased energy efficiency, further reducing the costs
Increased energy efficiency
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Railway (RL)

For Railway (RL) users, NEOL’s solutions can significantly increase the intervals between maintenance. This reduces costs, wastage and helps machines stay operational for longer.

Our product range includes compressor, gear, and engine oils, reduction gear liquid grease,
bearing grease, and anti-wear lubricating solution for wheel-rail friction pairs.

Benefits for RL applications include:

  • Significant extension of component life, including main and rod bearings, pistons, cylinder bushings, and more
  • Extended grease service life, with reduction gear grease serving 2–3 years
  • Elimination of lubricant leakages
  • Improved energy efficiency
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Increased maintenance intervals
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Marine (ML)

NEOL introduces a new generation of fully synthetic monograde marine engine oils, providing exceptional performance and benefits.

For ML users, NEOL marine oil offers:

  • Up to three times increase in oil change intervals compared to conventional mineral monograde oils
  • Synchronized oil change intervals for main engines and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Increased thrust due to reduced torsional vibrations in propulsion systems
  • An average fuel economy saving of 10%
Shipping container ship
Average fuel economy saving
10 %

Future industries

NEOL copper technologies is committed to its expansion into new industrial segments, furthering its mission of providing no-SAPS alternatives to conventional oils. We will continue to develop products that not only meet the technical and performance requirements of these industries, but also help to drive environmental initiatives.

Through continued research and development, NEOL aims to make a positive and sustainable impact across a broader range of sectors.

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